1. We must not look down on the poor and the less privileged
          • Lord Septic is an arrogant aristocrat that is condescending in both his deeds and utterance. In the play he would easily snap at Crouch his assistant by calling him ‘You fool’. He also goes on uttering harsh words towards Crouch like ‘Shut up, you half-wit’

  2. We must defend ourselves and the people that we care for in times of danger.

    Percy almost immediately grabs Crouch by the collar when he hears how he has mistreated Rose. He does not think that it is right for Crouch to be so harsh towards a poor blind woman such as Rose and decides to teach him a lesson.

  3. We must be quick thinking at all times

    Lady Gatsby was tricked by Lord Septic’s father to come to the station with her bag of gold. However, she was quick thinking as she knew that she was being tricked. She decided not to let him get his hands on the gold and secretly hid it in the lockers at the railway station.

  4. We must retain our dignity to gain respect from the people around us

    Crouch is Lord Septic’s assistant and would go as killing a person just to please him. He grovels all the time and by doing so puts himself to be very much inferior to Lord Septic. As a result Lord Septic has no respect for Crouch who is actually a very loyal servant.

  5. We must not allow our sad past experience spoil our happiness in life

    Percy grows up as a poor orphan without the love of his real parents. He also understands of his sad past where his mother was killed and that he was found in one of the dustbins. Percy could have felt remorse and looks at life in a negative way. However, he grows up to be a caring, gentle, strong and brave man. He is even valiant as he is ready to save the life of another human being.